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Fire Alarm Detector by Arpel Security Systems

House fires are one of the most common security risks in residential homes. From careless smoking to heated appliances and electric fires, it is devastating to have your home go up in flames. Fire alert systems are one of the most important ways you can protect your property, belongings, and family. These warning systems give you time to evacuate and provide peace of mind for homeowners. Most systems are also equipped to detect carbon monoxide, a far less obvious but deadly leak that can affect any home. If you need a home security system in the Vancouver or Burnaby area, Arpel Security Systems can provide the right setup for your needs. From fire alarm systems to home alarms and surveillance cameras, we can help to protect your property inside and out.

3 Reasons You Need a Fire Alarm in Your Greater Vancouver Home

Think a fire safety system is optional for your house or apartment? Think again. It is one of the most important ways you can protect yourself. Here are three reasons you need a smoke detector system to keep your home safe:

  • They Save Lives – Studies have shown that most deaths that occur in house fires are in cases where the alarm did not go off. There is no telling when a house fire will start. If it begins at night, there is no guarantee that smoke alone will wake you. Having a smoke detector and ensuring your current system is in good working order are critical to staying safe.
  • They Account for Different Fires – There are different kinds of fire alarm systems available that take into account the unique space of your property. Not all fires emit a lot of smoke, so detecting this sign is not always effective for a warning security system. Ionization alarms are best for rooms that house combustible materials, while photoelectric alarms respond quickly to smoldering fires that are often caused by smoking carelessly. The best option is to get both types of alarms so that any circumstance can be quickly detected.
  • They Are Required in British Columbia – Legally, smoke alarms need to be installed in any room where people sleep. Each bedroom and every level of the house needs at least one smoke alarm to pass local codes and regulations. For the safety of your loved ones and your home, don’t hesitate to get your fire safety system installed, repaired, or replaced as soon as possible. Your residential fire alarm can only protect you if it is working properly, so keep up with a regular maintenance schedule and replace your system every five years.

Call a Reliable Security Company in Burnaby and Lower Mainland for Your Fire Alarms

Whether you need a new fire detector or are looking for a comprehensive home security system in Vancouver, Surrey, or Burnaby, contact Arpel Security Systems. We can provide a customized home security system that suits your property, lifestyle, and budget. Our staff has years of experience and can recommend the latest technology for your concerns. Trust us for everything from planning to installation and maintenance of your fire alarm system.

Call us to learn more about your residential fire alarm system at 1-866-303-2632 or reach us online.