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Home Alarm Systems by Arpel Security Systems

When you install a home security system, you want to be able to trust the new system, knowing that you’ve included the best and most reliable alarm system features available. When home alarm systems were new, they really were not able to provide much in the way of actual security — except to notify homeowners with an actual beep (that you had to be home to hear) when a door or window was opened. Home alarm systems then became wired, via phone lines, enabling them to notify authorities of triggers. Today, however, home alarm systems go above and beyond with their latest features to safeguard you, your home, and your loved ones.

The Best Features to Have in a Modern Home Alarm System

Today’s alarm systems and security packages have a lot to offer. The following are the best features to include in your home alarm system.

Wireless Technology

Wireless alarm system technology not only means installation can happen without drilling into the walls of your home but also frees your system’s dependency on wires and phone lines. With a wireless system, a would-be criminal cannot disconnect your alarm by simply cutting the right wires. Wireless technology seamlessly connects sensors and cameras with your system and your system to your central monitoring station. Wireless technology has also made it possible to monitor your alarm system and receive alerts on your mobile phone. So, you can keep an eye on your house even when you are away.


Camera technology has also improved a great deal. Old camera systems used to produce a series of grainy, black and white images. Today, we have high definition cameras allowing us to stream full-color video. With equipment small enough to easily tuck away in your home’s decor, they are virtually invisible.

Home Automation

Wireless two-way communication lead to the ability to fully automate our homes through our security systems. With a mobile connection, you can easily view what’s happening inside your home or control its systems like the thermostat, security system, or locks in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Updated Basic Features

Basic alarm system features have also been greatly improved. This includes more sensitive and accurate window and door sensors, in addition to sensors which can detect temperature and water. Smoke detectors have received updates which enable them to detect smoke with more sensitive systems. Motion detectors can even distinguish between normal movement (pets or curtains near a vent) and movement that would indicate a potential break-in.

Schedule a Professional Home Security Consultation Today

At Arpel Security Systems, our experienced technicians specialize in helping you secure your home with all the latest home security capabilities. To learn more about all the features of today’s residential alarm systems include and how a home alarm system can protect your property and your loved ones, contact Arpel Security Systems today.