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Home Alarm Systems

When it comes to protecting your home or your family, choose a local company with more than four decades of experience.

With Arpel Security Systems, price, technology, and reliability unite. You can select Home Alarm Systems in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland areas that meets your needs. Hardwire or wireless, you’ll feel secure knowing you’ve done the most to protect your home and family. We design a security system tailored to your needs, maximizing your protection while meeting your lifestyle and budget.

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Top Home Alarm System Brands & Technicians

Arpel Security Systems is proud to install Honeywell security components for their home alarm systems in homes across the region. These systems combine the latest advances in technology and blend seamlessly into your home, whether you choose a hardwire or wireless system. Our technicians bring years of industry experience to every job they undertake and are completely licensed and bonded in the province of British Columbia under the B.C. Security Act.

Customized Security Solutions

The team from Arpel Security Systems designs and installs systems to fit you, your home or your family’s needs precisely. Whether you’re choosing a home alarm system for Greater Vancouver or surrounding area properties, your security needs are our team’s highest priority. Our security team will inspect your home and present you with specific options to help add layers of security to your property.

Vigilant Monitoring Services

Arpel Security Systems offers in-house monitoring service for your peace of mind. We operate our own central station in the Lower Mainland, allowing us to focus on diligent monitoring at all hours of the day or night and ensuring you receive local, dedicated service.

Monitored Burglar Alarm Features

When choosing an Arpel Security System for your home, you’ll enjoy benefits such as:

  • Motion sensors, door/window contacts and glass break detectors that trigger an audible alarm to ward off intruders.
  • Wireless keypads and key fobs so you can control your alarm from anywhere inside or near your house.
  • Backup power supplies to ensure continuous operation of your alarm system.
  • Professional installation by our experienced and licensed technicians.
  • Arpel warning stickers and lawn sign.

Other optional services include:

Our Central Station Is Open:
24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week

We are committed to provide the best service quality possible by investing in our own central station instead of relying on a third party facility where we have no control over the policies and procedures.

  • Our customers are our neighbours. When they call, they won’t be talking to a distant person in another city or country.
  • Our Local staff are used to dealing with the local police and fire department policies and procedures.
  • Our operators are more familiar with the systems and equipment we install and in many cases can assist with basic service problems a customer may encounter.

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