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Home Security Systems by Arpel Security Systems

If you have a new infant or several growing children in your family, it’s perfectly normal to worry about their safety and security. Although there is only so much you can do to protect your children outside of your home, you can take measures to ensure their safety when they are neatly tucked inside your house. One major way to protect your family is with a professionally installed home security system, which will not only keep your family safe but also provide you peace of mind.

6 Ways a Home Security System Will Give You Peace of Mind

1. Home and Health Monitoring

Today’s home security systems aren’t just designed to protect your property from burglars and break-ins, they also work seamlessly with home monitoring alarms, such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. They can also be designed to incorporate health monitoring. With a wearable device, you can quickly activate a home health alarm. In the event of a fall, injury, or other medical emergencies, you can immediately notify emergency services without having to pick up the phone.

2. Window Sensors

Window sensors notify you immediately anytime a window with a sensor is opened. For break-ins, window sensors are essential on the ground floor of your home, but we recommend installing window sensors in upper stories of homes with small children. When windows are open, children can easily dislodge screens and are at risk of falling.

3. Motion Sensors

Motions detectors installed inside your home can be strategically placed to monitor your baby’s room. If movement is detected, you will be immediately notified. You can use these to be aware of who is in your baby’s room and also to be notified when family pets enter the nursery.

4. Video Monitoring

Your security system can be used as a baby monitor. With motion detection and video cameras installed in your baby’s room, you can check in on your sleeping or playing child as often as you like from a connected phone, television, or computer.

5. Remote Access

Modern home security systems feature remote access and allow you to view video monitors and your home’s systems from anywhere. This allows you to check in on a babysitter or keep an eye on your child from the backyard.

Safeguard Your Growing Family with Residential Security from Arpel Security Systems

Protect your home’s most precious asset, your family. Contact Arpel Security Systems for a consultation with a home security expert. We can help you determine exactly which features your home security system should have and the best way to provide security for your family and peace of mind for you.