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CCTV Systems for Your Business in Vancouver

CCTV cameras can be a great addition to many commercial security systems. They deter theft, trespassing, vandalism and can provide peace of mind to business owners who deal with high quantities of goods or valuable merchandise. Installing a CCTV system in Vancouver is a big step to take though, and you may be wondering if this type of security system is suitable for your business and property. If you are considering upgrading your security and have questions or concerns, contact Arpel Security Systems. Our staff has experience with a range of business security systems for different industries. Turn to us for recommendations on the most effective, budget-friendly and comprehensive combination of technology and services for your needs. Check out the handy guide below to develop your understanding of CCTV systems or reach our experts to learn more.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Installing a CCTV System for Your Commercial Property

Here are some questions that can help you determine if cameras are a good addition to your existing or new commercial security system:

  • What areas of your property need monitoring? – Determining how many areas and which spaces of your property would benefit from monitoring will help narrow down your options. If you just need one camera or many are required, it will impact the type of system that your business needs.
  • What locations are suited to cameras? – The security benefits are great, but the appearance of CCTV systems isn’t always pleasing. Consider where appropriate locations are available to mount the cameras. They should be at a high angle to capture as much space as possible. They should also be positioned so that they do not disrupt the work of your employees or inhibit your customers from enjoying your commercial space.
  • How is the lighting? – Your footage is only as useful if it is visible. Dark areas or obstructed cameras won’t provide useful security measures, so ensure the areas are well-lit and free of large trees or foliage.
  • How will the footage be monitored? – Will security staff or a security company be employed to monitor the footage in real-time, or will the video be reviewed and played back at a later time? This will help determine the type of system that is installed, contracts required and space needed for your security setup.
  • Should the cameras be protected? – If they are being installed to prevent theft or vandalism on the exterior of your property, they could become a target and be vulnerable to theft or damages.

Contact CCTV Experts in Vancouver to Learn More

If you have more questions about how a CCTV system may help improve the safety of your business property, contact the reliable commercial security experts at Arpel Security Solutions. We are here to answer your questions, provide CCTB installation, and create a complete commercial security system in Vancouver that meets your needs and protects your hard work. From high-quality in-house monitoring services to the latest technology, we have your business covered from front to back. Let us help secure your businesses in Surrey, Burnaby, and Vancouver.

Contact Arpel Security Systems for CCTV systems for your commercial property. Call 1-866-303-2632 to receive a free quote or book a consultation. You can also contact us online.