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Access Control Systems by Arpel Security Systems

The security industry goes through significant changes each year. Just like other forms of technology, what works today can quickly become obsolete tomorrow. The same goes for access control systems.

Access control systems combine authorization identification, authentication and access approval via login credentials for businesses. Older systems used personal identification numbers for access, but today there are more advanced systems implementing the use of biometric scans and physical electronic key cards.

To ensure that the access control security system for your Surrey business is up-to-date, you may want to explore the emerging industry trends. Now is the perfect time to upgrade and enhance your security.

The Latest Trends in Access Control

Security companies in Surrey and other cities are seeing significant trends emerge in access control. Just a few that are growing in popularity include:

  • Network Systems – Over the next few years, access control systems will no longer be discrete or separate from data sources. Instead, they will operate as a general networked system, providing information and intelligence for more predictive analysis for businesses and security companies alike.
  • Biometrics – Biometrics is increasing in popularity in Canada as well as other countries. Biometric readers have been fallible in the past, but with newer technology, they are quickly proving to be one of the more effective ways to reduce crime. Even hospitals are starting to implement biometric readers to prevent unauthorized access to pharmaceutical storage and surgical suites.
  • Combination Technologies – Instead of relying on a single technology for access, two-factor, and three-factor authentication is being used. These can include biometrics, PIN numbers, etc. Multi-technology readers reduce installation times and are easily scaled as your business and property requirements grow.
  • Mobile and NFC Technology – Utilizing NFC and mobile technology is a growing trend. Some access control technology companies are working on mobile apps that send signals to control panels; automatically allowing entry once the mobile device is within a specified distance from the access door.

Looking for the Latest Access Control Systems? Contact Your Local Experts

Find the right security solution, including access control security systems for your Surrey business. At Arpel Security Systems, we focus on the unique security concerns of your business. Then, we create a customized solution that addresses everything from video surveillance to fire and access control.

To explore your options for security solutions or to learn more about access control security systems, call us at 1-866-303-2632 and request a free estimate. You can also reach us online.