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Access Control Systems for Offices in Vancouver, BC

Controlled access protects your business in ways that outdated lock and key systems simply cannot. Using a three-fold system of identification, authentication, and authorization, an access control system ensures physical access to your company’s location only to individuals who are permitted and authorized to enter the business or particular areas of the office. If your company still uses plain-old locks and keys, consider the following six reasons why your office needs an access control system.

1. Employee Protection

Controlled access protects employees by preventing them from accidentally entering areas of your business where they are not supposed to be. It also prevents intruders from accessing your business and potentially harming employees or your business property.

2. Restricted Access

Access control allows you to better safeguard sensitive areas of your commercial location with restricted access to areas such as back offices, network rooms, filing rooms, and cash lockers.

3. Cost-Effective and Simple

A modern access control system is much simpler and more cost-effective to manage than traditional key systems. Keys require monitoring distribution and preventing copies from being made. In the event of employee termination or a lost key, changing the locks and issuing new keys is not only expensive, but also inconvenient. In addition, key access requires many different keys in order to control access to different areas of your business. With access control, you can easily manage all of these issues and simply add and remove authorizations as needed.

4. Remote Access

Based on an electronic system connected to your company’s network, access control systems allow you to remotely grant or revoke access to individuals. If you are out of the office, you can easily adjust a user’s profile to allow them access to particular areas or to prevent them from entering sensitive locations.

5. History of Access

An electronic access control system maintains a historic log of each entrance, the time and the individual who entered. This type of log becomes extremely helpful in the event of a theft or data breach and can even be used to maintain regular security audits.

6. Customizable Access

With an access control system, you can easily modify each authorized individual’s limitations and access. The electronic system allows you to easily grant and revoke authorization for access to different areas of your business based on the necessities of each individual employee or vendor’s responsibilities. This ensures each employee or vendor working on your business premises has the ability to access only the areas their jobs require.

How Secure Is Your Current Commercial Security Solution?

If your business operates without controlled access or even without a minimal alarm system, then the safety of your employees and customers, the future of your business and your success are at risk. We encourage you to contact a security professional at Arpel Security Systems to discuss access control systems and a security solution to safeguard your company by covering all of your business’s security needs.