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Protect Your Pets from Home Burglars

Although a dog’s bark can sometimes deter a potential home invader or burglar, pets often become the focus of an intruder’s fear when he or she feels threatened. As a result, pets are often harmed, killed, stolen and threatened during home invasions, when the intruder attempts to enter a home undetected. Although many homeowners install security lighting, door braces, and alarm systems, their pets are often left out of their home security plans.

Steps to Prevent Home Burglars from Coming into Your Residential Space

Gone are the days when people relied solely on their dog’s bark for security because our pets are part of our families, and they deserve security, too! Consider adding the following pet protection measures to your home security and safety plan.

  • Display ‘Beware of Dog’ Signs- Homes with dogs are a bigger risk for intruders due to a dog’s bark and bite. Simply posting these signs on your property could be enough to deter a would-be burglar.
  • Secure Pets at Night- Consider securing pets in a safe location inside your house at night, such as in a crate or a locked room. When an intruder injures or kills a pet during a home invasion, it is usually because he or she feels threatened by the pet or is concerned about the noise the dog is making. Keeping pets contained will protect them from the consequences of their instinctive behavior to guard their families and their homes.
  • Include Pets in Your Action Plan- If you have a safe room or family escape plan, be sure to include measures to safely collect your pets and bring them with you to safety. Practice your plan with the entire family to ensure you are all prepared.
  • Fortify Your Home- Install protective hardware, such as door braces and shatter-proof windows, in your home that will make it extremely difficult for intruders to break in.
  • Microchip Pets- If pets run away or are taken during the chaos of a home invasion, having a microchip will drastically improve their chances of being reunited with you. Identification tags are sufficient if your pet runs away. If your pet is stolen, however, a criminal can easily remove tags. If your pets have microchips, remember to keep your contact information current with the microchip company to ensure they are able to contact you when your lost pet is found.

Security for the Whole Family: Professional Home Protection Means Pet Protection, Too

Installing home protection devices and residential security systems which aim to keep intruders from entering your home is key to both people and pet protection. Our experts at Arpel Security Systems can help you determine vulnerable places in your home and advise you on how best to shore up these potential points of entry against intruders. Contact us today to learn more about residential security systems and how you can protect your entire family, furry members included, from home burglars.