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CCTV Cameras for Business in Vancouver, BC

Owning your own business in the Greater Vancouver area means being responsible for the security of your business, especially when you are away on vacation or, even if you’ve just gone home for the night. The best way to ensure good security is to be well-prepared for any potential security threats. By following these three tips you can be confident that your business is being protected when you’re away:

1) Control Access to the Building

Criminals often case buildings before attempting a break-in, so try to limit access to your building to people that are associated with your business. Don’t allow solicitation, and give keys to only your most trusted employees. If an employee happens to lose a key, then it may be well worth your time and minimal expense to get your locks replaced.

2) Install a Comprehensive Alarm System

A good security alarm system is an absolute must for any business in the Vancouver or Surrey surrounding areas. You want to ensure that your security system is tailored to the unique needs of your specific business and installed by professionals who know what they are doing. You know you can trust the security experts at Arpel Security Systems, who have installed comprehensive commercial alarm systems for thousands of businesses in the Vancouver area.

3) Use CCTV to Deter Criminals and Monitor the Premises

Simply having a CCTV (closed-circuit television) system is enough to act as a deterrent for most criminals, who would rather target a premise that isn’t being monitored. Installing CCTV is also easily the best measure you can take in order to keep your business secure when you aren’t around, as it will allow you to check in on your business whenever you want. Furthermore, with Arpel Security System’s video monitoring services you can rest easy knowing that our experts will detect and notify authorities of any unauthorized activities.

Commercial Security Systems for Your Vancouver Business

Arpel Security Systems has more than 40 years of experience providing CCTV and other commercial security systems for businesses operating in the Vancouver and Surrey areas. If you feel that your business could benefit from increased security, then you can get in touch with Arpel today. We will let you know how our security systems can help put your mind at ease about the security of your business even when you’re not there.