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Smart Home Security in Greater Vancouver, BC

Your home’s security has evolved in the 21st century to benefit from wireless internet. Homeowners no longer have to fret over whether their home is safe while they’re away now that remote access from a smartphone or tablet is available. Arpel Security Systems provides customers throughout Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver, BC smart home security. Now you can have your home’s safety in your hands at all times through a smartphone or wireless device. Monitor and control your home’s locks, thermostat, and even front door cameras while you’re at work, shopping for groceries, or taking your kids to the park. Arpel is committed to delivering dependable, cutting-edge security for your home that’s easy to use and delivers safety and peace of mind. Along with our comprehensive assortment of security devices and services, a smart home security package puts all of them into your pocket.

Control Your Home Wherever You Go

If you’re on vacation, stuck in traffic, or in a meeting, your home’s safety and comfort don’t have to wait for your return. Smart home security uses a Wi-Fi connection to tie your smartphone or wireless device to your home’s security and operations, ensuring you and your family don’t have to be onsite. Using an app, you can monitor the conditions and activities in your home with cameras, sensors, and other devices. Even better, you can control your home with the touch of your finger to lock and unlock doors, turn on sprinklers, switch on front lights and indoor lighting, and adjust the temperature. The app also makes you accessible to notifications, such as if a fire alarm goes off or the system detects forcible entry.

Never Leave Your Home Unguarded Again

Arpel Security Systems works tirelessly to ensure your home and family’s safety and happiness. Smart home security is the next step in secure and convenient control while you’re away. Give us a call today to discuss your options for complete smart home security in Vancouver, BC in the palm of your hand.

How Secure Is Your Home or Business?

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