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Security Buying Tips from Arpel Security Systems

Technology has come a long way, but unfortunately, so have burglars. If you don’t have a home security system, you’re putting your family and possessions at risk. Smart home technology has made its way to many homes, and using it to keep you safe and secure makes a lot of sense. Combining home automation and home security can give you peace of mind and keep your home safe with minimal effort. If you aren’t familiar with home security systems, all your options could be a bit overwhelming without this home security system buying guide. Learn more about the best options for you and your home and contact Arpel Security Systems for a free quote.

Determining Your Need for a Home Security System

The first question to ask yourself is, do you actually need a home security system? In almost every case, the answer is yes. Some homes need security systems more than others, but just about everyone can benefit from one. If you live in an area with high crime, you’ll definitely want a good security system to keep you safe. Even if you live in a relatively safe area, you can still benefit from certain security features. There are multiple websites that allow you to check the crime rates in your area for free. You should consider a home security system, whether you own your home or are renting one.

Considering the Costs of Home Security Systems

Once you’ve determined that you need a home security system, you have to consider the costs. This includes your budget, but you should also consider the money you could save by reducing the chances of having your home broken into. The cost of a home security system can vary greatly depending on the initial purchase price, monthly monitoring fees, and contracts. A study by the FBI showed that the average burglary would cost you about $1,725 in losses. Homes also have about a 25% chance of being burglarized each year. That means you have about a one in four chance of losing about $1,725 each year from burglary. What some people don’t realize is that your homeowner’s insurance may be reduced by about 20% if you have a security system installed in your home. You’ll need to consider installation because sometimes professional installation costs more than doing it yourself. Arpel Security Systems offers free quotes on all our home security products and services, and we can work with your budget to help you determine the best security system for your home.

Know the Basic Features of Home Security Systems

Home security systems can do many things to keep you safe. From sensors to video cameras and everything in between, it’s useful to understand the basic features and components of home security systems. Here’s a bit more about what to look for in a home security system:

  • Professional Monitoring – Around-the-clock surveillance is an essential feature for home security. If your alarm is triggered, the professionals will be alerted and investigate the situation. They can contact emergency responders and notify you of the event. You can opt to self-monitor your system instead, and you can receive the notifications if your alarm or sensor is triggered. In this case, you’re responsible for notifying the authorities.
  • Motion Detectors – A motion sensor is an important component for any security system because it’s the main device that detects when someone is in your home when they shouldn’t be.
  • Mobile App – Ease of control is something you want in a home security system. You can control all aspects of your security system from your smartphone, whether you’re home or not. You’ll receive a notification on your phone if your security system’s sensors are triggered. You can also view live footage using your app without having to go or look outside.
  • Home Automation – These days, almost everything is connected, and your home security system can be too. Certain home security systems can connect to voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can do things like scheduling your lights to turn off and on at given times to make it look like you’re home even if you’re not. Doing this can also save you money on your energy bill as an additional benefit.

Key Components of Home Security Systems

A security system can be made up of many components, but some are more useful than others. Learn more about some of these key components you should look for when choosing a home security system:

  • Door & Window Sensors – These sensors can instantly alert you if someone enters your home. An alarm will sound if a door or window is opened.
  • Glass Break Sensors – When glass breaks, it can create a loud sound, but you won’t hear it if you’re on the other side of the house or merely not home. If glass cracks or shatters, you’ll be notified, and the authorities can be alerted.
  • Security Cameras – A staple of home security systems, security cameras watch over your home. They can be placed indoors and outdoors and are often activated using motion detectors. They start recording when motion is detected, and you can view live footage on your mobile app. Some cameras have two-way audio so you can speak to a guest, delivery person, or whoever is at your door. Some cameras also record footage you can turn over to the authorities to get justice.

Great Home Security Products to Get Started With

If you’re looking to get started on your home security system, Arpel Security Systems has everything you need. We offer the best residential security solutions in the Greater Vancouver area. We recommend you start with a basic alarm system that protects your home and family. Arpel’s Total Connect combines smart home security and automation, which offers you real-time alerts, video viewing, and mobile control from the palm of your hand. We offer a range of closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems so you can always see what’s going on in and out of your home. Arpel Security Systems also offers 24-hour monitoring service, video doorbells, and solutions for fire safety, flood and water detection, and medical alert monitoring. We can also help you keep your business secure. Our local, family-owned security company has been serving the Greater Vancouver area homeowners since 1972, and it’s our mission to keep your home secure. Contact us today for a free home security quote.