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Home Security Services in the Greater Vancouver Area

Whether you’re concerned about crime in your neighborhood or have worries about employee safety at your place of business, Arpel Security Systems is the Greater Vancouver area’s go-to for security services. We’re a seasoned provider of CCTV, surveillance cameras, and even on-site security personnel. Our team is well-equipped to provide some of the best home security cameras, along with other residential services. If it’s your business that needs a little extra protection, we have commercial services for you as well. When it comes to security, we understand you’ll have plenty of questions. Good news! The team at Arpel is knowledgeable and ready to take on your concerns. Peruse our frequently asked questions below or reach out to our staff directly.

What Are the Basic Features of a Home Security System?

At its most basic, a security camera or alarm system from Arpel is incredibly useful. Most systems include a range of basic functions designed to protect your home or business. These might include magnetic sensors, motion detectors, and automatic notification of emergency services. You can also be equipped with a remote control or mobile app so you can arm or disarm the system at the press of a button.

Can I Add More Advanced Features?

Certainly! No home or business is exactly alike, and you may have different security needs than your neighbors. You can choose from basic CCTV cameras or state-of-the-art WiFi security cameras. Nowadays, you can link your security system with numerous different smart home applications. In addition to increased security, you can enjoy automatic lights, locks, and thermostats, all accessible in the same place.

Are There Different Kinds of Surveillance Cameras?

When you’re looking for the best security camera system, be sure to look at all your options. There are plenty of models on the market today, all geared toward slightly different needs. Some of the most advanced home surveillance cameras provide footage in full color and high resolution. Other units give you the advantage of night vision or 360-degree coverage. Outdoor security cameras are also distinct from typical indoor security cameras. They’re built to withstand a plethora of weather conditions, rain or shine. The team at Arpel can provide you with a more in-depth explanation of all the types of security cameras available today.

How Often Do I Need to Test My Home Security Camera?

Whether you have the most basic security system or the most advanced, you’ll want to perform tests at least once a month. In most cases, your system will come with an owner’s manual that will walk you through the process. However, if you encounter any issues, the Arpel staff is always here to address your maintenance concerns.

How Do Hardwired and Wireless Cameras Compare?

Both hardwired and wireless security camera systems come with distinct pros and cons. Hardwired home alarm systems are known for being incredibly reliable. WiFi cameras, on the other hand, can be installed almost anywhere and moved to a new location should you need increased security somewhere else. If you’re looking for easy security camera installation, wireless is the way to go.

How Does a Home Camera System Protect Against the Elements?

At Arpel, we advertise smart home security that can detect smoke, fire, and flooding. These innovative technologies can pick up on smoke or excess moisture in your home or business and alert you before the damage becomes severe.

Do Surveillance Cameras Work When the Power is Out?

In the event of a power outage, the backup battery in your home security camera system will kick in to keep your unit up and running. This power supply can keep your security cameras active for several hours after the power goes off.

What Happens If My System Isn’t Working?

Even a well-maintained security camera can malfunction. If you encounter problems you can’t answer after consulting with your owner’s manual, feel free to reach out to Arpel Security System. We’re here to help home and business owners in the Greater Vancouver area maintain and service their systems for their highest security.