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Monitoring & Detection with Arpel Security Systems

A fire or carbon monoxide leak can happen at any time while you’re at home or out running errands, or at work. You need peace of mind, knowing your house and family are safe while sleeping and living your daily lives. Arpel Security Systems in Vancouver, BC can help you relax by protecting you with our fire alarm monitoring and detection services. We also offer carbon monoxide detection to prevent this colorless, tasteless, and odorless gas from putting your life at risk. Our team provides 24-hour service to continuously monitor your home’s fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector in the Lower Mainland and greater metropolitan area. We have home security experts ready to install smoke detectors in your home’s key areas, ensuring we detect a fire quickly and take action to minimize damage and avoid potential loss of life. Your safety is our business, and we work to ensure we respond promptly to any threat occurring in your home.

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Fire Protection & Monitoring at Your Home

Arpel Security Systems prioritizes our client’s residential security with various products and services, including installing and monitoring devices to detect the presence of fire, smoke, heat, or deadly gas. Our expert team will visit your home and place smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home to protect it and your family from incendiary damage and potential loss of life. We offer constant fire alarm monitoring services to ensure someone is always ready to respond if an emergency arises. A fire alarm and detection system can give you the time you need to safely evacuate your home while alerting the fire department. Carbon monoxide is another severe hazard you need to avoid. This odorless, tasteless, and invisible gas is a silent killer and North America’s leading cause of accidental poisoning. Our monitored carbon monoxide detectors let you know when the gas is present and alert our central station of a leak.

Our Home Security & Fire Alarms

At Arpel Security Systems, we proudly supply, install, and service residential smoke and carbon monoxide detectors from the brand Honeywell. We are local home security experts that metropolitan communities rely on to update their homes with the latest technology to keep them up to code. Honeywell designs their products to detect carbon monoxide and smoke as early as possible to give you plenty of time to leave your home safely. You can also easily combine your fire protection with burglar protection by adding a home fire alarm to your current security system, protecting you and your family 24/7. Insurance companies may offer a greater discount on insurance premiums because you add monitored smoke detectors to your home’s alarm system. Adding additional fire alarms can be a perfect way to boost your home security.

Benefits of a Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm systems are an excellent line of defense for homeowners against bodily harm and property damage. As a fire alarm monitoring company, Arpel Security Systems’ team can create a personalized solution to your home’s fire and carbon monoxide protection with our 24/7 services, including detector sales, installation, and monitoring. Some benefits of a fire alarm system in your home include the following:

  • An alarm system protects your family if a fire occurs, even while you sleep. The alarm alerts individuals when it detects the start of a fire so that people can leave the premises.
  • Fire alarms are a cost-effective method to keep your assets out of danger.
  • You can also feel these alarms in schools, offices, shopping malls, and other busy places.
  • Houses with fire alarms are safer and may have greater value in the real estate market.
  • If you’re not at home, an alarm system can still alert your neighbors if a fire occurs.
  • Many insurance companies offer lower homeowners or building insurance rates if you install the proper fire alarm systems.
  • Fire alarms save more than people’s lives. Property owners can save a substantial amount of money every year with alarms in place.
  • Over time, the money you save on insurance eventually pays off your fire alarm system investment.

Why Choose Us for Fire Alarm Monitoring?

Arpel Security Systems has served the Lower Mainland’s security needs since 1972, giving us decades of experience and exposure to the industry’s most reliable products. Over time, we have also kept up to date on the latest technologies to ensure we offer clients the best possible residential and commercial security solutions. Besides our product supply, installation, and maintenance services, we also offer 24/7 monitoring. If a fire or carbon monoxide leak happens, our team is ready to respond to minimize property damage and avoid life endangerment. Our company provides reliable, personalized service to every client, making each home’s safety as convenient as possible while giving you peace of mind.

Contact Us to Learn More About Protecting Your Home

Don’t put your family in danger by leaving your home susceptible to fire. Arpel Security Systems will sell, install, and monitor a fire alarm system and carbon monoxide detector to ensure your safety. Your assets and livelihood are our top concerns. Contact us today to get started placing smoke detectors and other essential system components in your home.

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