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Fire Alarm Monitoring and Detection Services

Count on Arpel Security Systems for constantly monitored home fire alarms in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Our home security experts can install smoke detectors throughout key areas of your house, helping detect a fire quickly to reduce damage and the potential loss of life.

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Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of accidental poisoning in North America. It’s odorless, tasteless and invisible which makes it the silent killer. Arpel’s monitored carbon monoxide detectors alert you and notify our central station at the first signs of a leak to protect against poisoning and save lives.

Count on an Authorized Honeywell Security Dealer

Arpel is proud to sell, install and service Honeywell residential Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detector components. As local home security experts, Vancouver homeowners count on us to keep their homes up to date and up to code with the latest fire alarm and carbon monoxide-sensing technology. Honeywell products are designed to detect smoke and carbon monoxide as early as possible, giving you as much time as possible to safely exit your home.

Combine Home Security and Fire Alarms

Integrating fire protection and burglar protection has never been easier. Adding a home fire alarm to your existing security system can safeguard you and your family day or night. Adding monitored smoke detectors to your alarm protects your home and your loved ones and in most cases is recognized by insurance companies who will typically offer a greater discount on your insurance premiums.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your home security in Vancouver, deciding to add additional fire alarms could be the perfect solution. Affordable and potentially life-saving, fire alarms are a sound investment for homeowners across the region.

Choose Local Fire and Carbon Monoxide Protection

As a locally owned and operated business, Arpel understands what homeowners need to feel safe. By providing a full range of home security options in Vancouver, including fire and carbon monoxide detection, Arpel safeguards homes across the region. Our systems are compliant and approved under Vancouver’s fire and safety regulations.

For more information on home fire alarms and carbon monoxide detection, contact an Arpel expert today. We’re proud to offer service across the Lower Mainland.

How Secure Is Your Home or Business?

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