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Closed Circuit Television – CCTV

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems can offer unsurpassed peace of mind to homeowners in Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland.

CCTV can be a powerful upgrade to existing home security systems in Vancouver and the surrounding area, allowing you to review and record footage and keep an eye on your home, even when you’re miles away.

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Install a Custom Residential CCTV System

The experienced team from Arpel knows that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to home security. Luckily, we can put our decades of home security experience to work for you by designing, installing and servicing a custom CCTV system at your home. We’ll evaluate your home’s entrances and exits to provide the most comprehensive coverage available.

Benefits of Home CCTV Systems

There are numerous benefits to installing a home CCTV system. Well-positioned security cameras can make potential thieves and intruders think twice before entering your home, preventing an incident completely. If a thief should strike, you’ll have valuable video footage of their work, helping law enforcement track the vandal. And with Arpel’s professional monitoring service, you’ll can enjoy 24/7 monitoring from our local central station.

Upgrade to 24/7 Monitoring with Total Connect

Arpel offers Total Connect, the latest in 24/7 home CCTV monitoring. Do you have a web-enabled device like a smartphone, laptop or tablet? You can keep an eye on your home 24/7 with our Total Connect remote service. Connect instantly and stream life footage from your home, even when you’re half the world away. There’s nothing like seeing your home with your own eyes, being totally sure of its safety and security.

Why Do I Need Arpel’s Total Connect?

Total Connect puts you in total control of your home’s security. With your security system in the palm of your hand, you’ll be able to:

  • Make sure the kids come home safely
  • Check up on your pets
  • Ensure the safety of elderly relatives
  • Keep an eye on the nanny
  • Instantly know if off-limit areas have been breached

Choose Local Security Experts

For decades, homeowners across the region have trusted our team for total home security solutions. We’ll combine our years of experience with the latest in home security products to protect your home day and night.

If you’re researching home security systems in Vancouver or the surrounding area, choose a local leader for unparalleled service. To learn how CCTV from Arpel Security Systems can protect your home and family, contact us today to request a free, no-obligation analysis of your property.

How Secure Is Your Home or Business?

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