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Video Surveillance for your Home or Business

Live Video Monitoring of your CCTV System in the Greater Vancouver & Lower Mainland.

video monitoring

Local CCTV Monitoring

Arpel is proud to offer live CCTV monitoring to property owners across the region. Staffed by a local team of security professionals, CCTV monitoring is the perfect way to ensure your property is safeguarded every hour of the day. Our team reviews live video footage, helping ensure that your space is fully protected. If an alarm sounds, we can inspect the property and alert authorities quickly, helping you reduce risk and danger.

Schedule Security Checks

Video Guard Tours from our central station provide a scheduled look at your premises to check on any suspicious activity. This is a much more economical than the traditional guard driving by your building to inspect it. These security checks can help reduce the possibility of a costly false alarm response.

Upgrade to Total Connect

For many property owners, Apel’s Total Connect Security System is the most valuable component of their security system. Vancouver and surrounding area property owners can enjoy live video of their property 24/7 simply by connecting to our Total Connect service on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Compatible with all platforms and operating systems, Total Connect is the next best thing to being at your home or business in person, giving you the comfort of seeing your property live and ensuring everything is in order.

Choose Local Security Experts

For years, home and business owners have counted on Arpel for a security system designed to fit their needs and their budget. As the times have changed, so have we. We’ve stayed up to date with the latest advances in residential security and commercial security, offering our clients affordable, comprehensive options that boost security in the process.

Being locally based, we can keep your property compliant with all laws and restrictions. Our team wants to talk to you about your home or business’s security system. Call us today to have one of our video specialists recommend a system best suited for your needs.

How Secure Is Your Home or Business?

Contact an Arpel Security Expert Today