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Security Cameras for Businesses

Arpel Security Systems recommends closed-circuit television systems for businesses across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Our team has decades of experience and we’re up to date with the latest CCTV technology to keep your business under a watchful eye every hour of the day.

security camera in a grocery store

Custom CCTV Systems for Businesses

Arpel wants to help protect every inch of your commercial property. Business owners across the Vancouver region have counted on us for custom designed CCTV systems designed to their building’s unique specifications. We sell, install and monitor a full range of CCTV systems and equipment from leading manufacturers to offer you steadfast protection.

How CCTV Systems Benefit Your Business

By installing a commercial CCTV system at your business, you can help protect your staff, facilities, visitors, business assets and inventory. You’ll have a video record of events for future reference and to use as evidence if the situation should arise. Verified alarm reporting allows authorities to quickly respond to an emergency at your business, potentially saving you from costly breaking and entering incidents. With our services, you can keep an eye on your business even when you’re not there!

Local CCTV Monitoring

If you’re searching for a diligent, local security company in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, choose Arpel. In addition to our CCTV installation and servicing, we also offer around-the-clock CCTV monitoring at our local central station. Our vigilant employees can review footage from your property to verify if a security breach has occurred and direct authorities to your business as quickly as possible. We’re proud to serve our neighbors.

Arpel Local Security Experts

As the security company Vancouver and surrounding area property owners trust, we put your security and safety first. Whether you want to start from scratch to build a state-of-the-art CCTV system or you want to add 24/7 monitoring to your existing system, Arpel is standing by to help. Contact us today for more information.

How Secure Is Your Home or Business?

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