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Communication Solutions in the Lower Mainland

Arpel Security Systems is well-versed in keeping clients safe and secure in and around Vancouver, BC. Our intercom systems are part of our commercial and residential security solutions, and an essential device many apartments and condominium residents rely on to communicate with visitors without leaving their homes. We supply, install, and maintain intercom access control systems at many types of properties, including commercial buildings, large residential buildings, and standalone stores. Installing an intercom system helps improve two-way communication with anyone visiting your property while maintaining proper security. You can transmit and receive audio or video transmissions to ensure you know to whom you’re giving access to your home or business. We incorporate state-of-the-art technology into our products, whether you choose an audio-only intercom system or a more complex IP video system. Our priority is to match you with an intercom system fitting your specific style and needs.

video intercom system

What Is an Intercom System?

Commercial and residential intercom systems let you see, hear, and speak with visitors before entering your property. You get a connection between two or more points by using switches to send and receive messages within your building. An intercom system ensures you can convey messages in one-on-one or group calls at the touch of a button. Arpel Security Systems’ intercom systems give you a functional and effective method to screen all visitors and mitigate potential risks, like opening your doors to unwanted visitors. We carry an extensive selection of products in many design options to help you reach your security goals with a system matching your aesthetic style, security needs, and budget.

Features of Intercom/Interphone Systems

An intercom system’s comprehensive features make it a sound choice for residential and commercial security and access control. Arpel Security Systems understands how valuable controlling your building’s visitor access is to protect your family or staff. Intercom systems are an excellent first line of defense against intruders of all types, including burglars, vandals, and unwanted guests. We proudly supply, install, and maintain many types of intercom systems, ranging from simple audio units to video systems. The benefits of an intercom system make it worth the investment to ensure safety and privacy. We’ve provided some examples of features you’ll find in our intercom systems:

  • Secure Remote Access
  • Voice Recording
  • Tracking Blank Calls
  • Security Alert in Case of Illegal Entry
  • Perfect Communication Despite Background Noise
  • Automatic Voice Message Playback to Welcome Visitors
  • Integrated Registration System

Types of Intercom Systems We Offer

Arpel Security offers clients a wide selection of high-quality intercom systems for apartments and condominiums throughout the Lower Mainland. We have various finishes available to enhance your system’s aesthetic appeal, including gold, bronze, chrome, and brushed stainless steel. You can choose a system with a handset or hands-free operation, and you don’t need a landline to install it. We can use your cell phone to connect you to your intercom system to answer your entry door. A popular option many clients select is integrating their intercom system with an access control system, letting them control their building’s elevator to restrict their occupants’ or visitors’ access to specific floors. Intercom systems come in many types, and you can read about them below:

  • Wireless Systems – We can place wireless intercoms in buildings where we can’t run wires.
  • Hardwired Systems – A wired-in intercom system helps clients maintain their privacy while preventing interference from other nearby systems.
  • Video Intercom Systems – You get an installed camera and speaker to ensure audio and visual communication with these systems.
  • Apartment or Building Intercom Systems – These systems require visitors to enter the correct buttons for an apartment they wish to speak with, granting direct communication between parties.
  • Commercial Intercom Systems – With this system, you can allow or deny access to visitors to certain building areas.

Benefits of Intercom Systems in Your Building

With intercom systems, you can enjoy a wide array of benefits for your commercial or residential building. Arpel Security systems want all clients to feel safe and confident in their building’s security. Some essential benefits of intercom systems include the following:

  • Improved Security – Intercom systems improve your building’s security by making you aware of who visits through video or audio communication.
  • Modernized Building – Installing state-of-the-art technology updates your building to today’s latest features with an advanced way to communicate with visitors.
  • Adaptability – An intercom system can re-route calls to certain people a visitor needs to see. You can also invest in an automated video system that re-routes calls if the intended person doesn’t pick up in a certain time.
  • Record of Visits – Many audio and video systems have memory storage to keep track of visits. You can use these calls for future reference to address visitors coming when your building is closed or keep track of your building’s visitor traffic.
  • Remote Monitoring – With a wireless intercom system, you can receive calls about potential security issues by having someone monitor your cameras remotely. You can also use the people monitoring your system to communicate with your employees for extra security.
  • Access Control to Certain Areas – A commercial intercom entry system lets you allow or deny access to authorized employees to specific areas in your building. People can request permission via intercom to access certain areas when they need it, and you can use your system to restrict access to your business.

Contact Arpel Security Systems in Vancouver, BC

Arpel Security Systems has built access and communication solutions for commercial and residential properties. Our selection of intercom systems lets you control who gets into your building, leading to a safer, more secure home or workplace. Contact us today to discuss your intercom needs and schedule service at your building.

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