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24/7 Monitoring & Protection from Onsite Fires

A fire can destroy your business in a short time, leaving your property a pile of bricks and ashes. Your financial records and inventory can burn, and your customers and employees could be in peril if a fire happens while their onsite. For your business’s and occupants’ protection, we strongly recommend having industry professionals install a fire alarm system with 24-hour monitoring. For decades, Arpel Security Systems has served business owners with various security and protection needs in and around Vancouver, BC. Our fire alarm systems safeguard clients and their employees, customers, and assets. Our business can custom-design a fire alarm system for your specific business to ensure you get maximum protection against fire damage. Our top priorities in every service we provide are your safety and property, so we match you with the best options for your unique structure, budget, and other essential details.

What Is a Fire Alarm System?

A fire alarm system includes various devices to monitor and react to flames, heat, and smoke, such as smoke or heat detectors, pull stations, and a control panel these devices alert when a fire has been detected. The system alerts building occupants of an emergency using visual or audible signaling devices, indicating they must evacuate the building. Fire alarm system devices include several input and output components. We listed them below:

fire in building
  • Control Panel – The brains of a fire alarm system that monitors all input and controls all output actions while relaying information to notification devices.
  • Power Supply – Fire alarm system power supplies must include a primary and backup power supply.
  • Initiating Devices – These devices transmit signals to a system’s control panel, indicating a possible fire. Initiating devices include two types:
    • Automatic – Detectors that identify or measure the presence of flames, smoke, CO2, or heat.
    • Manual – A person can activate these devices, such as pull stations.
  • Notification Appliances – These appliances consist of audible and visual devices a system uses to alert occupants of a fire.
  • Building Safety Components – These components manage specific aspects of a building safety infrastructure to assist people when exiting a building.
  • Other Devices – Other fire alarm system devices may include sprinklers, fire doors, and elevator recalls. Many properties integrate a building’s fire alarm system with smart building technologies like a security system.

Types of Fire Alarm Detectors We Offer

Fire alarm systems come in main types: conventional and addressable. Conventional fire alarm and detection systems connect the control panel to every device using a separate wire. These systems are typically set up in zones to narrow down a potential fire’s location. Addressable fire alarm systems give each device a unique address on the system to identify a precise location and send the information to a fire department. A system can still relay information to a control panel if one section gets damaged by utilizing the other end of the loop. Our licensed and experienced fire alarm system installers can give you more details on how these types work. Arpel Security Systems professionally installs Honeywell carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms. We proudly sell, install, service, and monitor this brand’s products. Honeywell alarms are known as reliable products with a grasp of the latest technology.

Benefits of Installing a Fire Alarm System

Arpel Security Systems understands how valuable a fire alarm system is to a building’s safety. For your benefit, we’ve described some of the most notable benefits of having a fire alarm system at your place of business:

  • Early Detection – When you have a properly functioning alarm system, it makes quickly detecting a fire possible. Pairing it with fire alarm monitoring lets the fire department respond quickly to mitigate the loss of life and building damage.
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring – We offer this in tandem with your fire alarm system to ensure the fire department is aware when a fire breaks out at your building.
  • Warning – If a fire occurs at your property, your system’s visual and audible alerts will signal building occupants of danger, prompting them to evacuate.
  • Insurance Discounts – You have a better chance of securing pricing discounts with insurance providers by installing a fire alarm system.

Why Choose Arpel Security Systems for Service?

Safety is a top priority for business owners, and fires are a continual risk with many possible sources. Your electrical system could have a short, a kitchen burner could ignite grease and other flammable materials, or you could deal with a case of arson. Arpel Security Systems has served clients since 1972 with high-quality fire detection and alarm systems. Our comprehensive business security system expertise includes extensive experience selling, installing, servicing, and monitoring fire alarm systems throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We have a licensed and experienced installation team ready to help you select a perfect fire alarm system for your business.

Contact Us in Vancouver, BC to Protect Your Property

Arpel Security Systems looks forward to helping you protect your business and ensure your customers’ and employees’ safety. We have state-of-the-art technology and decades of industry expertise at your disposal, paired with 24/7 system monitoring. Contact us today to discuss your building’s fire safety needs with our helpful team.

How Secure Is Your Home or Business?

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