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Security Services for Vancouver, BC-Area Clients

Arpel Security Systems prioritizes every Vancouver, BC-area client’s safety, and peace of mind, so we invest in some of the industry’s best security solutions and technologies. Elevators don’t always work as they should, leading to problems like doors being stuck shut and elevators suddenly stopping and shutting down between floors. With elevator monitoring, our talented and dedicated team continually monitors your elevators to ensure there’s help available if a problem occurs. We keep track of your elevator’s location within a building and communicate with people trapped inside. After an incident happens, our team can notify emergency personnel to help evacuate people from a problematic elevator. The process seems simple, but without a reliable team ready to respond as soon as an elevator becomes stuck, its passengers may be in peril for hours or longer.

office elevator

Our Elevator Monitoring Services for Various Properties

Many people look at the help button on an elevator and wonder how effective pressing it will be in an emergency. With Arpel Security Systems on the other end of that button, passengers quickly get the help they need. We have a local monitoring station staffed with highly trained team members, ready to act as emergency contacts for elevator incidents. Being trapped in an elevator can be traumatic for the people inside, so we consider our monitoring services as essential as responding to business or home security alarms. Our personnel recognizes the severity of an elevator suddenly stopping and how people inside can’t do anything but wait. We use our ample training to address these people in a calming voice and assure them we have alerted emergency service technicians, who will arrive as quickly as possible. If the lights go out in an elevator with the door sealed shut, the passengers need to know they’re in good hands with help on its way.

Information About Our Elevator Monitoring System

Arpel Security Systems’ elevator monitoring system connects directly to our 24-hour, ULC-certified central station in the Vancouver area, where operators quickly identify an elevator’s building and location. We can detect when a problem occurs and notify emergency services to dispatch a team and address the issue. The elevator’s emergency phone automatically connects to our central station if someone trapped in the elevator uses it. After identifying the building and location, we can relay that information to authorities responding to the emergency. Our ability to identify these details is essential if the person trapped in an elevator is deaf or cannot communicate. Our system’s services include providing emergency call lists and vital contact information, which we use to notify personnel responding to the situation.

Why Choose Arpel Security Systems?

Experience is a powerful trait you want in a security company. Since it was established, a business’s time in operation allows it to build its expertise and hone its skills in every service they provide. Arpel Security Systems has been providing service to residential and commercial clients since 1972. We’ve used our decades in business to expand our knowledge in a wide array of security solutions, including residential security systems, fire alarm systems, CCTV services, and many other products and services. As we grew inexperience as a trusted, local security service provider, we kept up to date on the industry’s latest technologies to ensure our clients have the best possible protection and support available. Elevator monitoring is an essential service countless building owners and managers rely on to keep their staff, visitors, and tenants safe if their elevator gets stuck. We offer personalized service and solutions to every client because we understand everyone has unique needs.

Start Protecting Your Elevators with Our Services

Arpel Security Systems will gladly help you keep your building safe with 24-hour elevator monitoring services. We offer an elevator monitoring system that covers your emergency needs whenever your elevator gets stuck and traps passengers inside. Every residential and commercial structure deserves adequate protection to preserve its condition and safeguard the people living or working in it. Elevators are a common resource in buildings, and elevator problems are virtually unavoidable. Let us provide reliable monitoring and response services to minimize trapped passengers’ trauma and waiting time. Contact us today to speak with our team about benefiting from our comprehensive security solutions.


How Secure Is Your Home or Business?

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