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Arpel Security Systems Answers Your Business Security Questions

If you own or operate a business in The Greater Vancouver, Langley or Surrey area, safety should be one of your top priorities. Arpel Security Systems knows that running a business is hard work, but you can rest easy knowing that we’ll take care of all your business security needs. Our team utilizes the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to keep your employees, property, and assets safe and secure at all times. Allow us to install the best CCTV security cameras, alarm systems, fire protection, and more in your business today. We’ve prepared answers to the questions we receive the most so you can learn more about how our business security solutions could benefit you. Contact us today with any unanswered questions or to schedule your security consultation.

How Should I Select a Commercial Alarm System?

If you’re a newer business or you haven’t had a security system installed yet, it may be a bit intimidating trying to choose a business security system. The expert team at Arpel Security Systems is here to make the process much easier for you. There are many things to look for when choosing an alarm system for your business in the Greater Vancouver area. Your alarm system should be easy to use so you can arm and disarm it quickly. You’ll want to find out what kind of term or contract you’re entering into. You’ll also want to check out your security company’s reputation and some of the clients they serve.

How Much Do Business Security Systems Cost?

The truth is that the cost of your security system depends on the individual needs of your business. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for protecting your business, but our team is ready to help you choose the most important features to keep your workplace safe and secure. The cost of your system often depends on the size of your facility. Our team would be happy to discuss your unique needs with you and provide you with a free consultation.

Can You Monitor the Exterior of My Business?

Yes. Arpel Security Systems offers the best outdoor CCTV security camera systems with a variety of solutions to monitor the exterior of your business, including outdoor security cameras and wireless outdoor security cameras. Our 24-hour monitoring service means your entire property will be protected around the clock. Your outdoor security system can monitor entrances, green spaces, parking lots, and more.

Will I Receive Training on How to Use My Security System?

Of course. When our professional team installs your new business security system, they will teach you how to use the system and ensure you’re comfortable with how it works. If you run into any issues, our team is available by phone, and our technicians would be happy to pay you a visit as well. It’s recommended that at least one person at your place of business knows how to operate the system at all times. We can also provide written instructions that can be kept on your property in case you are unable to be there.

What Happens If Someone Accidentally Trips the Alarm?

If an employee or client accidentally trips your commercial alarm system, you’ll need to enter your code on the keypad, which will disable the system. From there, you will need to enable the system again. If you are unable to disarm your system at the keypad, you will receive a phone call from our monitoring station to make sure everything is alright. You’ll give your password over the phone, which will cease further action. If your system is triggered and it’s not an accident, our monitoring station will notify the authorities.

What Happens if The Power Goes Out?

In the event of a power outage, your business security system has a battery backup. This ensures that its basic system components will still work for a period on the batteries. Almost all power outages are resolved fairly quick, so the chances are that you’ll never be without a working security system. Your system can be configured to send a power fail signal to the monitoring station in case you are not at your place of business and have sensitive items like medical equipment, a large food freezer, or special pets at your property. Be sure to contact Arpel Security Systems to learn more about our emergency backup protocol.

What is the Difference Between Local Alarm Systems & Monitored Systems?

A local alarm system is one that only sounds on-site and does not communicate alarm events with anyone. This is not recommended if you’re trying to protect your place of business. A monitored alarm system is one that uses sensors and automatically communicates alarm events to our 24 hour monitoring facility. That monitoring station will receive coded information, and police, fire, or medical authorities can be notified to respond. A monitored alarm system for your business is the way to go because it can protect your system day and night, even when no one is there.

Will Installing a Security System Get Me a Discount on Insurance?

In many cases, yes. Most insurance companies offer significant discounts if you have a monitored alarm system installed and working correctly. That’s because businesses with security systems are less likely to file insurance claims for theft, break-ins, and similar incidents. Be sure to check with your insurance company for specific details on any money you might save. In some cases, the cost of having a commercial security system installed will pay for itself based on the money you’ll save with your insurance. Many insurance providers require a functioning security system.

Do I Need a Land Line for Alarm Monitoring?

No, there are multiple options available for your business security system. Internet monitoring has become a popular option, as well as cellular transmitters. Our team would be happy to help you determine your best option to ensure your system is always communicating with our monitoring station. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, if a phone line is cut, it will not be able to communicate with the central station, but a siren will sound at your business during an alarm condition. If you plan on changing phone providers, it’s essential to check with them to confirm that their service is compatible with your business’ security system.

How Can a CCTV System Benefit My Business?

A commercial CCTV system will help you protect your staff, visitors, facilities, inventory, and business assets. A CCTV system provides a video record of events that you can reference in the future and also use the video as evidence if need be. Arpel Security Systems offers CCTV systems that can help you keep an eye on your business even when you’re not there. Our remote viewing feature is available from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Video cameras at your place of business have proven to be an effective crime deterrent in many cases. They’re also a valuable tool for the authorities in the case that an investigation is required.

Can I Control Who Has Access to My Business?

Yes. Arpel Security Systems offers access control systems for added security. You’ll be able to allow or restrict access to different areas of your business. Our business security solutions allow you to restrict access to sensitive areas of your business as well as track or record access throughout your building, provide auditing and employee time and attendance records, and more. You’ll also eliminate the need for keys and avoid expensive re-keying when an employee leaves your company. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

Can Arpel Security Systems Monitor Our Elevators?

Yes, we can. Our elevator monitoring system connects to our 24-hour central station, where our operators identify the building and location of the elevator. If the emergency phone is used, we’ll be able to quickly and easily identify its location to send emergency personnel immediately. Elevators are a necessary part of many businesses in the greater Vancouver area. It’s essential to have them monitored to ensure the safety of your guests and employees at all times.

Will My Security System Monitor For Fires?

Fires can be devastating to any business, but our fire alarm systems and alarm monitoring can detect fires early to mitigate damages. Our professionally installed fire alarm systems are monitored 24 hours a day. We install Honeywell fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, so you know you’re getting the best in the business. Arpel Security Systems offers ULC approved fire alarm monitoring for companies that are required to meet municipal fire building and occupancy codes. Our fire alarm detection and monitoring is full service and includes installation, 24-hour monitoring, regular test signals, annual inspections, and service and maintenance. No matter what industry you’re in, protecting your property and employees from fires is critical.

Contact the experienced team at Arpel Security Systems today to find out how we can make your place of business more safe and secure.