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Business Alarm Systems for Greater Vancouver & Lower Mainland

Alarm systems and security cameras are increasingly becoming a necessity to protect your business. Whether you’re a well-known retailer or mom-and-pop shop, it’s imperative you protect your wares and equipment from would-be thieves. We don’t like to think about a burglary happening to us, but it’s always in your best interest to be prepared. The team at Arpel Security Systems has all the tools you need to protect your business. We offer everything from basic outdoor security cameras to cutting-edge WiFi surveillance cameras. Learn more about our primary services offered to businesses in our area. Arpel has been providing commercial security systems including alarm systems, CCTV & access control to businesses in Vancouver for over 40 years.

Alarm Systems

Commercial Alarm Systems.

Access Control

Access Control Adds Security to Businesses in Vancouver and Area.

Fire Detection

Fire Alarm Systems for Greater Vancouver, Langley, and Lower Mainland.

Reliable Alarm Systems for Your Business

Depending on your business, you might need a different type of security camera system. If you’re a small resale shop, you might be content with a basic unit that can record video and deter thievery. However, if you’re running a jewelry store or stock expensive goods, you may prefer something more state-of-the-art. Whatever your needs, Arpel has an array of alarm systems to keep your business, goods, and employees safe from threats.

Don’t Skimp on Your CCTV System

Among the most popular forms of video surveillance, CCTV cameras are instrumental in keeping your business secure. Arpel offers the latest technology in CCTV, allowing you to keep watch on your property at all hours of the day. Whether you want to monitor your staff, would-be thieves, or any other suspicious activity, CCTV cameras are an excellent option.

Get 24/7 Surveillance with Live Video Monitoring

If you need to record video of your business or monitor your property 24 hours a day, Arpel’s live video monitoring services are made for you. We can personally view the live feed from your business to keep watch for any suspicious activity. Rest assured, we’ll make sure you stay aware of potential threats to your safety and that of your employees and customers.

Secure Your Property with Access Control

If you’re working with confidential or sensitive information, consider access control systems. This form of security system allows you to restrict access to certain parts of your business. With access control, only approved individuals will be able to enter particular spaces and access the information housed there. Arpel will work with you to design a specialized system to meet your specific needs.

Detect Fires with 24-Hour Monitoring

No one wants to think about their business being devastated by a fire. However, this becomes a reality all too often. Luckily, Arpel offers fire alarm detection and monitoring so you can address fire hazards right away. Our systems monitor smoke and carbon monoxide and will alert you at the first sign of trouble. As you well know, time is of the essence when it comes to fire. Let Arpel help you keep your business safe from disastrous fire damage.

Secure Your Building with Elevator Monitoring

Many people worry about riding in elevators for fear they’ll get stuck when the door doesn’t open. While this is a rarity, it does happen to numerous people. At Arpel, we know the safety of your employees and customers is paramount. When someone is stuck in one of your elevators, have peace of mind knowing Arpel’s central station is on the case. We’ll identify which elevator is malfunctioning and notify emergency personnel.

Help Your Residents or Customers Feel Safer

Intercom systems go a long way to making condo residents, employees, and customers feel safer. Arpel often installs Enter Phone systems in apartment buildings, but they’re also useful for a slew of business operations. Our state-of-the-art systems come with a handset or hands-free technology for your convenience and that of your residents or customers.

Get that Extra Security with Alarm Guard Runner Services

If you’re especially worried about potential threats or have noticed suspicious activity recently, it may be in your best interest to invest in a security guard response service. Arpel offers highly-trained security guards to respond to security breaches and perform a comprehensive check of your building. While a top-of-the-line security camera system is an excellent feature, you can’t beat a team of highly-skilled security professionals.

Reach Out to Our Security Services Team

Interested in all that Arpel Security Systems has to offer? We’ve been helping businesses in the Greater Vancouver area for years, building a glowing reputation all the while. We’re fully equipped to protect your business from potential threats, covering all the bases. No matter if you choose a basic security camera or one of the best models on the market, you’ll sleep easier knowing your business is protected. Contact us today for more information.

How Secure Is Your Home or Business?

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