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Alarm Monitoring & Security Systems in Greater Vancouver

Residents and business owners in Greater Vancouver understand the importance of dependable alarm systems and wireless security systems. From keeping your family safe with video surveillance to protecting your business assets with security monitoring, Arpel Security Systems has helped thousands of Vancouverites sleep peacefully.

Our security experts have installed countless home alarm systems, security access control systems for businesses, CCTV cameras, fire detection monitors and more throughout the Vancouver area. Whether you live or work in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond or the North Shore, we have a security package that suits your needs.

For over 40 years, Arpel Security Systems in Greater Vancouver has focused on the local community. We pride ourselves on being locally owned and looking after the security and well-being of our neighbors. We have earned the trust of the Greater Vancouver area because of our history and reliable service.

Residential & Commercial Security Services in Greater Vancouver

At Arpel Security Systems, we offer a full suite of security monitoring services for your home or business in the Greater Vancouver region.

Security and Crime in Greater Vancouver

As one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, Greater Vancouver sees a large variety of different crimes.

Break-and-enters in Vancouver are a constant concern. The city has the fifth-highest rate in Canada for household break-and-enters per 100,000 people, and over 2,000 residential break-and-enters are reported to the Vancouver Police Department annually.

As a world-class city, Vancouver and its surrounding area are also home to a hub of different businesses, including thousands of retailers. But in Greater Vancouver alone, retail theft accounts for an average of loss of approximately $27,000 a day.

Security cameras act as a significant deterrent to crime and theft in Greater Vancouver. And for businesses, added features such as private security guard services and professionally installed door access control systems can strengthen employee safety and accountability.

Contact Arpel Security Systems today at 1-866-303-2632 for a custom consultation on your security needs in Greater Vancouver.

How Secure Is Your Home or Business?

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