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Alarm Monitoring & Security Services in Abbotsford

Abbotsford is a growing urban area and one of the most diverse cities in Canada. With such an array of residential and commercial entities in the city, protecting your home or your business in Abbotsford is essential for a thriving community and a strong economy. Whether you’re seeking a home surveillance camera system, security access control or fire monitoring, Arpel Security Systems has multiple decades of experience keeping Abbotsford families and companies safe.

The security installation and monitoring professionals at Arpel Security Systems serve residents, retail stores and even large corporate offices throughout all of Abbotsford.

From remote wireless security, closed-circuit cameras to 24/7 alarm monitoring and on-site guard responses, Arpel Security Systems provides full security and protection services to whether you live or work in Aberdeen, Bradner, Matsqui or Poplar.

Founded in 1973, Arpel Security Systems proudly keeps the Abbotsford region safe and secure. Our proven reliability and superior technologies have deterred and helped catch thieves, home burglars and employee robberies in Abbotsford for over four decades and counting.

Residential & Commercial Security Services in Abbotsford

At Arpel Security Systems, we offer a full suite of security monitoring services for your home or business in Abbotsford.

Security and Crime in Abbotsford

After multiple decades of drops in the local crime rate, Abbotsford recently witnessed a dramatic increase in its crime rate of about 15%, pushing it into the top ten overall for the country.

Property crimes remain a top concern in Abbotsford as break-ins to both residential homes and businesses in the area are a top concern and a main contributor to the crime rate.

With a high-quality security camera system installed in your Abbotsford home or business, you can not only scare-off would-be burglars, but a strong security system in Abbotsford helps to lower your insurance costs and gives you peace of mind even when you’re away from home thanks to Arpel’s monitoring services.

Contact Arpel Security Systems today at 604-855-1717 for a custom consultation on your security needs in Abbotsford.

How Secure Is Your Home or Business?

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