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Smoke Alarm Detectors by Arpel Security Systems

House fires are incredibly dangerous. They can spark in any location in your house, during the day or while your family sleeps at night. In fact, residential fires are so dangerous that they are responsible for 73% of all fire-related fatalities in Canada, according to statistics from the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs.

Why Don’t All Homeowners Install Fire Alarms?

When it comes to fire safety, many homeowners either become complacent or overlook the importance of installing smoke alarms and replacing their batteries on a regular basis. Individuals often falsely believe the scent of smoke will rouse them from sleep, and that they will have enough time to gather their family members and pets and safely escape a fire. Studies, however, have shown that smells do not wake people from sleep. In addition, the smoke from a house fire contains carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas which can put you into an even deeper sleep.

How Effective Are Smoke Alarms?

Sounds, especially the blaring ring of a smoke alarm, will effectively rouse everyone in your household. The sound of a triggered smoke alarm will wake you from a deep slumber with enough time to escape safely from your home. In the event of a house fire, having properly installed and maintained smoke alarms can increase your family’s chances of survival by up to 50%.

*What is the Most Effective Way to Install Smoke Alarms in My Home?

Be sure to install a smoke alarm on every floor of your home, including the basement and attic. Since a fire can start anywhere, you will want to be sure a smoke alarm is in place to detect the earliest signs of fire. You should also be sure to install smoke alarms near the bedrooms in your home to ensure the alarm wakes your household in the event of a fire.

*Can a Professional Security Company Provide Any Additional Protection from Residential Fires?

When your home’s smoke alarms are connected to a professionally installed residential security system with 24/7 monitoring, the local authorities will be alerted as soon as your smoke alarm is triggered. This means that whether you are home, away, or rush out of your house without grabbing your cell phone, help will be on the way. With a residential alarm system, you can focus on getting your family to safety, rather than worrying about contacting the fire department. For more information about residential security systems or the proper way to install smoke alarms, contact Arpel Security Systems to schedule a professional home safety consultation today.