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Residential Alarm System by Arpel Security Systems

The city of Vancouver requires homes and commercial businesses with alarm systems to have alarm permits. These permits must also be renewed annually. The city issues these alarm permits in order to keep track of which homes and businesses have alarms, to ensure the proper response to these alarms and also to reduce the number of false alarms and false dispatches in the city. False alarms put significant, yet unnecessary, the strain on the resources of our community’s police department.

The city’s permit system reduces false alarms to ensure the most effective and efficient use of the city’s emergency response resources, enabling our police department and your security company to provide you with the best possible security response services. To assure adherence to its permit system, the city of Vancouver prohibits security companies from servicing properties without the proper alarm permits.

How to Obtain a Residential or Commercial Alarm Permit in Vancouver

In order to ensure continued emergency response services for your home or business, you must obtain an alarm permit annually for each property with an alarm system in place. Obtaining a permit is simple. You can access an application for an alarm permit on the city of Vancouver’s website. The simple application includes information such as the property address, type of property and contact information in the event of a triggered alarm. A permit fee is also required. The amount varies depending on the property type and the size of floor space protected by the alarm system:

  • $17.55 for a residence of any size
  • $29.25 for a small business (less than 140 m² (1,507 ft²) of floor area protected by the alarm system)
  • $58.50 for a large business (140 m² (1,507 ft²) or more floor area protected by the alarm system)

Permit fees are not refundable and are not transferable. So, if you or your business moves to a different location, you will need to apply for a new permit and pay a new fee.

Maintain a Current Permit to Ensure Constant Protection

If you have a professionally installed residential security system or business security system, it is essential that you keep your Vancouver alarm permit up to date to ensure the proper response from authorities, reduce false alarms and guarantee the continuous, vigilant protection of your property. For more information about applying for an alarm permit or renewing your alarm permit with the city of Vancouver, you can visit the city’s website or contact us at Arpel Security Systems. We can help you keep your business or your home protected from intruders, fires, floods and other unforeseen events.