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If you have a retail store or an alternative type of commercial location, there have likely been times when you were not present while constantly thinking about the physical security of your business. A security system will protect your business when you are in the office and when you are away. Professionally installed commercial security systems are essential to all businesses for the following invaluable reasons:

  • Reduce Shrinkage – According to the National Retail Federation, retail stores reported losing $45.2 billion in 2015 as a result of shrinkage (missing inventory).
  • Protect Employees – Cameras protect honest employees from inaccurate accusations and prevent others from following through with dishonest plans.
  • Watch Activity When You Are Not On-Site – Whether your business is open or locked up for the night, you can keep an eye on the premises and rest easy with professional alarm monitoring.
  • Quick Response to Emergencies – Whether there is a break-in or fire, emergency responders will be notified.

Strategies for Your Retail Store Security Systems

Depending on your store’s layout, you will likely need a combination of the following items to ensure your business enjoys the benefits of a professional security system.

  • Display Signage – A sign warning potential criminals of your security measures can be enough to deter theft.
  • Install Mirrors – Eliminate blind corners in your business by installing mirrors which allow employees to view all areas of the business at the same time.
  • Manage Inventory – If you do not keep track of inventory regularly, you will have no way of knowing if or when theft is even occurring.
  • Strategically Locate Cameras – Point cameras toward blind corners, at registers, point of sale locations, cash lockers, entrances and low-traffic areas of your business, such as the back entrance, alley, parking lot and trash bins.
  • Install Alarms – Depending on your needs and business layout, install different types of alarms on doors, windows, and even motion-detection alarms. If you do install motion detection alarms, be sure you do not have merchandise, plants, balloons or other items in locations where they will blow around if the heat or air conditioning turns on in the night, needlessly triggering an alarm and police response. Installing alarms is the most secure way to protect your business and to prevent theft.
Professionally Installed and Monitored Commercial Security Systems

Even if you implement other strategies at your retail store, the strongest way to safeguard your business is with professionally installed commercial alarm systems. Professional retail store security systems ensure you are protected at all times with an expertly designed system, flawless installation, professional assistance, 24/7 monitoring, and easily accessed system support. With a professionally installed network of CCTV cameras, you can rest easy knowing your business is protected at all times. Shore up your business against shrinkage, break-ins, vandalism, and burglary with a complete system. To determine the best security system and strategy for your retail space, office or commercial location, contact our experienced professionals at Arpel Security Systems today.