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CCTV Cameras for Kitchens by Arpel Security Systems

When you are out of the office, in a meeting or simply working in your office, do you know what is happening in the rest of your commercial location? If you do not have an adequate security system installed, then chances are, you are unaware. Commercial and retail security systems do more than simply prevent theft, they can also deter violence, vandalism, employee theft, help catch thieves and can even provide employees with a safer work environment. Simply installing a security system, however, is not enough. You will need to place your security cameras in the right CCTV locations to ensure your company remains safe and secure.

Main Entrance and Reception Area – Train a camera on your company’s front door to capture a clear image of every person who enters the building. In addition to greeting customers and looking them in the eye when they enter, a prominent camera is also a great robbery deterrent.

Registers – Use security cameras to monitor all locations where cash and point of sale transactions take place to keep an eye on employees running registers and potential robbers. In addition, this footage could come in handy if the police need evidence for a fraud case involving identity, credit or debit card theft.

Blind Corners – Placing retail security systems so that they have a full view of otherwise blind corners, where employees are often not present, is especially important to reducing inventory shrinkage. Your employees cannot be everywhere in your store at all times. Placing CCTV cameras in remote locations within your retail space will discourage theft and make it easier for you to watch the entire space.

Rear Entrances and Loading Docks – While the general public might not be aware of these entrances to your business, your employees and former employees are. Install cameras to keep an eye on these otherwise, isolated areas.

Warehouse, Supply Room or Stockroom – These rooms protect your company’s assets. You will want to be able to keep an eye on them.

Location Perimeter – Parking lots, back alleys and trash disposal locations make your company vulnerable to violence, break-in, and theft. Light these areas well, and install cameras.

Cash Locker – Like the cash registers, you will want cameras in any rooms where cash is kept. This prevents theft and also adds protection for any of your employees who work in these areas of your business.

Offices or Workspace – Installing cameras in these locations keeps employees on task and also allows you to keep an eye on your workplace after business hours.

Contact Arpel Security Systems for Commercial & Business Protection

At Arpel Security Systems, we understand that every corner of a company is dear to its owner. Without commercial security systems, business owners are unable to fully safeguard their commercial properties. Contact Arpel Security Systems to take charge of your company’s security and success. Our experts will help you determine strategic CCTV locations for your business and implement an effective security plan.