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Camera in shopping centre

For most businesses, the holiday season means increased traffic and sales. Busier stores, however, create more theft opportunities. Potential thieves take advantage of the season. Establishing security protocols, properly training your staff, and installing a thorough, up-to-date security system are all steps you can take to protect your business from holiday-related shrinkage.

Establish Security Protocols

As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. A secure commercial space begins with a security plan. Your security policy should address items including:

  • Cash Handling – Establish cash register limits and procedures for selling cash out of registers. You should also limit the amount of cash kept on location by making regular deposits. Deposit procedures should also be in place, designating which employees are allowed access to cash and also varying times when cash deposits are made to avoid observable patterns.
  • Opening and Closing Procedures – Create security procedures for how employees handle opening and closing. Designate which lights should be left on, what to do in the event of an ambush, and training on how to set and disable alarms.
  • Control Access – Whether to a cash locker or an inventory room, control your employees’ access to limit potential exposure.
  • Track Inventory – If you never count your merchandise or balance cash registers, you will never even be aware of the theft. Take inventory on a regular schedule.

Train Employees in Security

Having security procedures in place will make no difference if you do not properly train your employees.

  • Identifying Theft – Hold regular training on spotting theft or potential shoplifters. Discuss the type of behavior for which to look: carrying more than one bag or purse, watching employees more than merchandise, pretending to shop, avoiding employees, and exiting dressing rooms carrying fewer items than when they entered.
  • Addressing Theft – Once spotted, employees should be clear about your procedures for handling a theft. Practice these procedures with employees, so they are not caught off guard when the moment arises.

Improve Physical Security

Protect your location to safeguard your business.

  • Alarm Systems – Install alarm systems to “watch” your business after hours.
  • CCTV Alarms – Security cameras can be a deterrent to theft. Minimize blind spots inside your business, put up cameras outside, and monitor the parking lot.
  • Windows – Be mindful of what items are visible through windows or accessible through windows to minimize potential smash and grab burglaries.
Contact Arpel Security Systems & Protect Your Retail Space Today

With the influx of store traffic during the holiday season, extra retail store protection is in order. At Arpel Security Systems, we are experts when it comes to commercial protection. With a complete menu of commercial security services including alarm systems, CCTV alarms, fire and safety alarms, and even remote monitoring with total connect, we can help you secure your retail space and establish proper security protocols. Contact us today to secure your business and prevent your inventory and bottom line from shrinking.