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Robber breaking the window

For many burglars, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year – not just because of the season, but because lots of homes contain valuables and money and also because many of these homes’ occupants are away on vacation or visiting family. Protect your family and home this season with these tips from our residential security experts.


  • Light Your Home – Burglars hate a well-lit home. Install outdoor lights on motion sensors. If you will be away, connect indoor and holiday display lights to timers.
  • Reinforce Your Door – A weak wooden doorjamb is prone to break-ins. Install a metal doorjamb and reinforce with three-inch screws.
  • Secure Your Home – Make sure all doors and windows are locked. Do not leave your windows unprotected. Install locks and wireless alarms on all ground floor windows.
  • Change Locks – If your front door still opens with the same key you received when you purchased your home, then you could be vulnerable. Update locks to be certain you and your family are the only ones holding keys.
  • Be Mindful of Your Trash – Burglars gather information from the garbage: account numbers, personal information, and clues about the kinds of valuables you keep in your home. Be mindful of what you throw away, including the boxes from valuable unwrapped gifts.


  • Invite Just Anyone Inside – Limit who has access to your home. During the holidays, people are more likely to hire professionals, such as housekeepers or pet sitters. Hire through agencies which professionally vet their employees. Also, individuals going door to door, collecting for charities or caroling could be looking to get easy money or a look inside your home.
  • Display Packages – If your Christmas tree glows through the window on a snowy evening, do not leave presents where they will be visible from outside. This advertises the valuables wrapped inside – even if that flat screen-shaped box is only a giant, rectangular fruitcake.
  • Run Wires Through Windows – Dazzling with a light display is part of the holiday season’s magic, but never run extension cords through windows or doors. Small openings invite burglars.
  • Advertise Your Absence – Sharing vacation photos on social media seems harmless, but advertises that your home is empty. Professionals at identifying optimal break-in times, burglars watch social media for opportunities like these. Also, remember that piled newspapers and an overflowing mailbox signify an empty home. Ask a neighbor or friend to collect mail while you are gone.
Contact Arpel Security Systems for Home Security & Alarms

If you will be away, Total Connect, a part of our residential security services, allows you to monitor your home from anywhere. In addition, a complete menu of home security services including alarm systems, CCTV alarms, and fire and safety alarms will keep you safe. Whether you plan to travel or celebrate at home, contact Arpel Security Systems to learn about how we can help you protect your home and family to ensure a happy and merry season.