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Tips for Keeping Home Safe by Arpel Security Systems

The holidays are coming soon, which means lots of family visits and a bounty of gifts. Those treats are what make this time of year special, but it also makes for an active time for thieves.

How can you keep your home safe while you’re away or hosting an event at home? As a seasoned security systems company in Vancouver, Langley, Burnaby, and surrounding areas, we understand that there is a higher chance for criminals to break into your home during the holidays since they are looking to pick up expensive items like electronics, jewelry or the latest technological gadgets. Here are some valuable tips on keeping your property safe during the holidays.

  1. Double-check your home security systems. If you don’t already use a reliable monitored alarm system, this is the time to look into it. The new technology behind modern security systems is designed to alert you to fire and flood dangers as well as unwanted strangers in your home.
  2. Notify your Vancouver home security systems company of your absences. Give them a phone number where you can be contacted during your travels.
  3. Batten down the hatches. Verify your door and window locks. Put a bar in your patio door track and lock your garage door from the inside. Make sure all possible means of entry is connected to your home security system.
  4. Get video surveillance. If you’re not already equipped with this kind of service, it’s time for an upgrade. This is a valuable security service especially when you’re hosting large events at home. Installing video surveillance allows you to be aware of the events that are happening in your home.
  5. Talk to your neighbors. If you’re going to be traveling, ask them to take out the trash and bring in your mail to avoid advertising your absence. Offer to keep an eye on their homes as well.
  6. Protect your valuables. Many robberies are spontaneous acts done by amateurs looking for an easy buck, so make sure your most tempting belongings are stowed away and not visible from the street or windows. Do the same if you’re hosting a large gathering.
  7. Use light timers. Don’t advertise your absence with 24-hour lighting. A light timer lets you determine when you want to turn your lights on or off.
  8. Remove false alarm triggers. Make sure your security system’s motion sensors won’t be triggered by movement from Christmas decorations.
  9. Keep gift packaging out of sight. Break down all gift packaging and put it in opaque trash bags. If you received large items as gifts, such as bikes or skateboards, keep them locked in the shed or garage.
  10. Show burglars that your home is protected. Put warning stickers from your Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland security systems company on windows and doors.

Arpel Security Systems provides alarm security systems and monitoring services for residential and commercial uses within Greater Vancouver and its surrounding areas. When it comes to keeping your home safe during the holidays, we are the experts in ensuring your safety and well-being. Contact us today to learn more and how we can keep you and your belongings safe while you’re busy having fun.