The Future of Home Alarm Monitoring and Beyond for Your Home in Greater Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

The First Smart Home Systems

Smart home automation systems have originated in theory before they became reality. Science-fiction movies depicted voice-in-the-ceiling security systems as far back as the 1960s, and some basic-level automation has been built into the homes of the wealthy for decades.

However, it’s only since the early 2000s that the average homeowner has had access to the kind of technology that makes remote home security possible. The next stop as security systems head into the future is the proliferation of home CCTV, sensors and smart locks that link to the user’s smart phone and monitoring company.

What Does the Future of Residential Security Systems Look Like?

The latest technological gadgets in smart homes is managing home appliances through your tablet, smartphone or smart watch. New smart home technology is going to be supported by embedded cutting-edge security features, which includes:

  • Intelligent home networking that unifies automation, privacy and security
  • Automated door locks and security systems controlled by smartphone
  • Facial recognition software to let you know if somebody at home brings a stranger into the house
  • Discreet cameras that allow you to see into any room in the house from a remote location
  • Sensors to detect device tampering
  • Infrared cameras for remote nighttime viewing
  • Security devices that teach themselves which kinds of things are normal and which kinds of things merit an alarm
  • Live video feeds to your Wi-Fi enabled-devices
  • Devices that also monitor sound, temperature and brightness
  • Centralized control pads that integrate home security and home automation

Will we still need security monitoring services in the future?

Technology trend watchers say that the demand for home alarm monitoring systems will continue to grow, even as advanced do-it-yourself technologies become more widely available to consumers. Here’s why:

  • Some responsibilities are best left to a monitoring company, such as fire, flood and poisonous gas detection. When we receive an alarm, we notify you and the appropriate authorities so you don’t have to.
  • At Arpel Security Systems, we monitor locally, with trained professionals. That lets you get on with your life without having to rely on your cell phone for alerts.
  • The systems used by Arpel are recognized by insurance companies and can earn you reduced premiums.
  • Monitoring for intruders allows you to rest easy when you’re sleeping—literally.
  • Smart home programs can be cheaper and greener with water and energy-monitoring tools to program water and energy consumption.
  • Benefits for family caregivers: monitoring family members who are suffering from a grave disease or integration of healthcare equipment.

Arpel Security Systems is proud to be part of the smart-home revolution. We are proactive in moving towards the future of alarm monitoring systems, including CCTV and alarm monitoring, for our clients in the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland area. Contact us today to see how we can bring your home into the future.

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