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Flood Monitoring and Detection in Vancouver & Lower Mainland

Arpel Security Systems offers residential flood monitoring for your peace of mind. Each year, homeowners across Canada experience firsthand how costly and invasive extensive water damage can be. Now, with Arpel’s flood detection systems, you can be alerted at a moment’s notice if flooding occurs at your home. It’s no wonder Arpel is one of the leading security companies that focuses on the local community within Surrey, Burnaby, Langley and the rest of the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland area.

Water Damage Is Costly and Common

One of the most common insurance claims across Surrey and the surrounding area is from water damage in the home. This can be caused from a variety of events including leaking pipes, a water heater that fails, an overflowing toilet or a washing machine hose that splits. The effects from water on your home’s contents and structure can be extensive and costly. They can be particularly devastating if you are away for a lengthy vacation and the water settles undetected for days on end.

Install Flood Alarm Sensors

To minimize damage and even prevent it entirely, our professional security experts will install monitored water detection sensors in flood-prone areas of your home that will alert our local central station in the event of a leak. Incorporating this feature into our monitored security system is a wise decision. Your home will be monitored 24 hours a day, alerting you when water floods your home.

Arpel: Local Home Security

Proudly serving homes across the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland region, Arpel offers a total suite of security systems to help you protect your property day and night, even when you’re miles away. Our reputation is backed by decades of satisfied homeowners who have chosen flood alarms and our other security systems for their peace of mind.

For more information on how our flood detection devices work, contact Arpel today. We offer prompt and professional service in Burnaby, Langley, Surrey, and the rest of the Vancouver area.

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